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CRE8+CO. is a Real Estate Consulting firm, specializing in Commercial Real Estate services. We offer a unique suite of services ranging from executive-level business assistance, temporary + full-service 3rd party property management consulting, business analysis of operations, employee coaching as well receivership appointments. CRE8+CO. offers a-la-cart services, one-of-a-kind bundled package services, and custom-tailored solutions for real estate investors, real estate companies, property management companies, brokerage + development companies. CRE8 + CO. has a passion to teach and lead our youth interested in engaging in a Real Estate Career. We live by the motto, "Happy to Help." It would be our ultimate pleasure to CRE8 + collaborate with you to enhance your business!

Business Meeting
Real Estate Management + Business Consulting

CRE8 + CO. specializes in Commercial Real Estate operations.  Our unique a-la-carte + bundled packages allow you the flexibility you need to be as efficient as possible with your time, and maximize profit by having our flexible team on your side.  CRE8+CO. offers full-service Property Management, Property Management Consulting, Market Analysis Services, CRE8 + CO. can perform anything on your task list,  including Due Diligence, Employee + Competitor Shop Reports, SWOT analysis on Acquisitions, etc. 

CRE8 + CO. can take care of the details so you can focus on whats important---growing your business + maximizing your returns on investment. 

New Hires
Recruiting + Experienced Temp-Employment+ Recievership
Business Meeting
Employee Training + Coaching

Employees CRE8 + MAINTAIN the infrastructure of our companies, hence the importance of  having the right members on your team. CRE8 + CO believes that employees should feel engaged, motivated, encouraged, should be offered training  & continued education, and inspired by their mentors to do their best work for you. This employee model allows c-suite management to be more available to meet the company + investment goals,. Without a motivated workplace, companies could be placed in a very risky position, while motivated employees can lead to increased productivity and allow an organization to achieve higher levels of output. and thrive in a competitive market. CRE8 + CO. offers a variety of services to fit your teams needs.

Magazine Pile
Marketing + Design + Interior Design

CRE8 + CO. has over 12-years experience in the Real Estate Industry. Curb liability + maintain your best business practices., and hire us! Instead of hiring an expensive temp agency, with no little to no experience, that requires + demands your time + efforts in training, look to CRE8 +CO.  to seamlessly fill staffing vacancy, leadership roles, or even act as a receiver for lenders, borrowers, and appointed by the courts.

CRE8 + CO. is creation for your company. Whether you are a new business, stabilized business, or corporate powerhouse, CRE8+CO. has you covered. We can handle the part of your business you don't have time for! We offer a-la-cart or bundled services such as logo, website consult & design, print materials, brochures, business cards, Real Estate Signage, Staging & Interior Design. 

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